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interview with Mr. Hidetsugu Ueno

Everyone knows, my respect for the old masters, and my admiration for the barman of Japan.
The maestro Ueno answered my questionnaire , and these are their answers.
You always learn something when listening to a wise bartender as he.

Name, nickname?age?
Hidetsugu Ueno, has no nickname, 43years old who was born 21
st March 1968.
Wath soccer club do you support?
I don’t support anyone. No interest for soccer. 
You have been bartender for how many time?
About 20 years. 
Where did you learn mixology (institute or teacher)? or are you self
STAR BAR GINZA, Mr. Hisashi Kishi 
What drink do you like to drink?
I basically don’t drink. Drinks are for serve, not for drink for myself. 
which drink you like to prepare?
I don’t have any. I just make one my guests want. 
What music you like to listen when preparing a cocktail?
Well, I play Swing Jazz, Big Bands and some sound track from movies 
in my bar. 
Bottles that are not lacking at your home.
Show us one of your recipes of cocktails Please
What is your favorite liquor flavor.
I don’t have any favorite. 
What is the best day to visit you at your bar?
Anytime as long as my bar is open. I’ll always be behind the bar from open to close as long as I’m in my country. 
Some bartender that you admire in your country and the world.
I always want to be a nice person before to be a good bartender. 
Only one person who I admire from my country is Mr. Hisashi Kishi from 
From rest of the world, I can’t name them all, it’s too many… 
Any book to recommend?
Sorry, I don’t learn from books much but I trust it’s a lot. 
Give a tip for the bartender who (wants to be?) star his carrer now.
Be patient, think well and deep. 
Uenos San + My old bar spoon + my friend Popi.
if the questions below, do not correspond ,
tell us a little about your work as a brand and as a teacher of future
barman? but please tell me your favorite bar tool thanks!
Your  bar is called? ( tell me the exact address and phone number for
reservations and schedules)
NO.26 Polestar Bldg. 4F, 7-2-14 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061 
Open Hours: 
6:00pm ~ 2:00am (Mon. - Sat.) 
Sunday and Holidays are off. 
Tell me Why you got that name, to the place?
HIGH FIVE sounds fun, friendly and victory, that’s why. 
And I’ve never work outside of Ginza where is most high-ended 
business area in Japan.
Is open since?
4 th  of July 2008 
What is the price of a Dry Martini?
What is the price of a Cuba libre?
What is the price of a beer?
What style of cocktails is offered in your bar?
I serve mostly classics. 
Have on your shelf, a  special or  rare bottle(your treasure) or an
special ingredient?
Not much, just ordinary stuff. 
Are you serving Claritos?
You told me to do before but I still haven’t. Sorry about that… 
They have some unique bottles? household supplies?
Someone might find unique bottles on my back-bar. 
And I don’t make homemade liquors because I believe bartenders 
should be good at using products well, not be good at making products 
what's your favorite bar tool?
Sorry again but I don’t have any favorite. 
It’s just tools for work. 
 A bottle of argentine liquor "bols neggo" that I sent to Mr. Ueno

Thank you very much Mr. Ueno for their answers, and readers thank you very much for stopping Her in my blog.

May the cocktail be with you.

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A.Ripacandida dijo...

Me gustó la nota, es muy interesante, ahora como se nota la diferencia de cultura por favor!!!!!!!!!!sentí al leerla que para el era un trabajo y no una pasión, tal vez fue solo una impresión mía. Felicitaciones!

fedecuco dijo...

No creo que no sea una pasion, el tema es que para el pibe lo importante es atender y dejar feliz al cliente, y usar las botellas de las empresas mas que vovelse loco preparando su cosas tambien esta el tema del idioma, ya que no ueno ni yo hablamos tam buen ingles quizas algunas cosas se malinterpretan. Yo decia homemase supplies por preparados caseros onda almibar y el entendio licores caseros, cosa que por mas que le gustasen no puede mencionar siendo como es un barman que trabaja para DIAGEO.