lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

the gallant bartender cocktails back to life.

The people from Gaucho Grill had the idea of opening a bar in London.

A cocktail bar in tribute to argentina mixology.

Behind the project is Mr. Lance Perkins, whom I had the chance to meet recently.

Lance contact my friend the famous Tato(Renato Giovannoni) to help  him in this project, and how small the world is! They  ended in the living room of my house, preparing &tastin g the future cocktail menu of "bar galante", I will help with my knowledge of Pichin, and Argentina Bottles,
Because the old Argentine books as "magic drinks" (1955) are a bit encrypted, another bartender slang was used in those days.

I helped with great enthusiasm, because it is the first bar in tribute to Argentina mixology (and is outside my country!).
and everyone know I'm the number Pichin's Fan.

Through Bar Galante  many recipes with sherry bar will return to live, plus the European market, meet argentine unique bottles like Hesperidna & Legui.

I hope that this helps my fellow Latin Americans, begin to look for examples in their own root.

Friends here is my interview with Mr. Lance is responsible for this miracle, the gallant bartender cocktails back to life.

1 Tell me a little about you, where you come from.

I was born in Canada, where I lived until I graduated university. I then travelled and tended bar in the US and across Europe and the Middle East.

2 Long have you been in business.

I started as a kitchen porter when I was 16 and have done every job gong in restaurants and bars before falling in love with bartending.

3 where you started to work?

My first bartenders job was behind the bar in a Chinese restaurant in London, Canada. Not the best bar but it was a good place to cut my teeth on the classics.

4 From where you got the idea of gallant bar?

Galante as an idea grew out of my research in Buenos Aires with Tato. We both have a deep respect for the traditional drinks, products and the methods of the old school bartenders, so I thought what better way to showcase these, than open a bar which would have classically trained bartenders using Argentine bar tools, making the cocktails of the most famous Argentine bartender Santiago Policastro, known as the barman Galante.

5 How long were investigating mixology of Argentina?

I have spent two years researching Argentine mixology, but I have been fortunate to have a good guide in this project (Tato), who has introduced me to the Buenos Aires nightlife and some of the best modern bartenders that I have had the pleasure to meet.

6 Do you think about the bartender at the far south?

As soon as I started watching Argentine bartenders, it reminded me of the classic Italian hotel bartenders. The precision and the style in which the drinks are made, is truly beautiful.

7 What was the recipe Pichin surprised you most? why?

It has to be the Antesala del Inferno, with so many ingredients it could easily be too much for your palette, but the balance is fantastic as is the presentation. 

8 I know that you will use some gallant typical bottle of Argentinian bars, tell me what they are and because you chose.
Some of the products have been easy to get and others we have had to smuggle into the UK because we can’t get the producers to export them. The ones which we have decided to use are;

Hesperidina, Legui, Pineral, Marie Posa, Malamado, Aniapa Grappa and hopefully soon a new Argentine Gin called Carne.

We decided to use these products because of their uniqueness and the fact that you can’t find them anywhere else in the UK.

9 And for that matter, tell me what your favorite bottle in the world

That’s too hard of a question as I do appreciate so many different products and for different reasons, but maybe I could say Sazerac 18yr?

10 Your favourite drink

Easily the Claridge!

11 And what would be your perfect cocktail night out.

A trip around the best hotel bars in London or any other city that I might be in. I love that the bars aren’t too busy and you can always get a seat and that the barmen can make some of the best classic drinks that you have ever tasted.

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